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10 Questions To Answer Truthfully About Your Used Car

One must always be careful before going for a second hand or a used car because you never know what is coming home. If you are buying a vehicle from the private seller, then it is undoubtedly okay, but if you are thinking of getting a car from a person directly, instead of a seller, then you must check all the documents and verify the vehicle accordingly. It can be difficult for a person to understand the criteria of a used vehicle/car, which is why they need to ask a few questions first before buying the vehicle.

Here is a list of 10 questions that you can ask the used car seller-

1.    How did they maintain the car? Whether they took it to an independent mechanic under a dealership or a shade tree mechanic. Find out whether the maintenance is up to date.

2.    Ask for the service records – the service records of the car will tell you that you have serviced the car regularly. Always ask for the service records.

3.    Has the vehicle been through accidents? If yes, then what were the damages and how much money did it take to repair the car damages?

4.    What are the non-working features, and why? You need to know what you are paying extra for after you buy the used car.

5.    Can I drive the car coast to coast tomorrow? This is a great and straightforward question to the seller because that way, he will be able to answer directly and give you the vote of confidence.

6.    What is the history of ownership? You need to know whether you are buying a second-hand car or a third hand one and if people have owned the car before, then you need to know how many have.

7.    Why are they selling the car? A fundamental question again that you need to ask to find out the reason he is selling the car.

8.    Why did you set a special price? Ask them why they have set the specific amount, why not more than that or less.

9.  Is it okay to take the car for an inspection?

10. If the title in hand is available with them?

The questions mentioned above are the necessary ones that you can ask the seller of the used car. These points are useful, and one must keep these things in mind.

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