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Used cars are the most demanded cars in India especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and NCR. But before buying a used car one should take care of some small things. Yeah, we know small things might not matter but don’t forget that “small” mistakes became big reason for car accidents.

So to be cautious and informed when you buy a pre-owned car and drive it like new. Let’s help you out on some of the important things that are to be taken care of when you buy a used car.

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Check the car before buying. Take the vehicle for a test drive and get all major systems checked like color, comfortability and interiors of car. This is done by skilled mechanics and professionals. Get all major systems such as engine, cooling, transmission, wheels, etc. checked by a trusted mechanic. These checks will help you ascertain whether the car is worth the money.


It is very important to enquire about the car. Know the real owner, how old is the car, how many times it’s been resold and the documents required like:

• Proof of sale of the car

• Proof of delivery of car to your possession

• New RC book issued in your name

• Request from the seller for cancelation of policy

• Your application for transfer of the policy

Make sure you collect all the necessary documents before purchase.


Try to know if the car supports dual-fuel option. Is it possible to upgrade the interiors according to your comfort? Also compare the condition and price with the new model of the used car. This way you can analyze if buying the used model is worth or not!


It’s very important to satisfy yourself first. Don’t finalise your car on the basis of an oral agreement. Have a written contract detailing the condition of the car, the sale price, and the effective date of transfer of ownership, along with registration and insurance details.

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Don’t be desperate to buy a used car. It’s a long process, take suggestions and look out for reviews. Decide patiently.

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Stay Safe and Stay Aware

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